Pokémon Has Lost its Magic

Drip. Clear water from the stalactites lining the ceiling of the cave falls to the ground. As the sound of the drops echo throughout the cavern, hostile creatures that call the place their home prepare to fight the young Trainer. The nearby town is replete with tales of the Legendary Pokemon that lurks deep within. Legends tell of its ancient role of governing space, time, the very continents beneath our feet. Only an ingenious, tenacious adventurer, well-prepared and ready for the trek ahead can brave the dangers before them, retrieving secret items, and potentially even mastering the beast within…

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Quality is Not Ease of Consumption

Sometimes, while experiencing the bliss that accompanies thoughts of my favourite things, I find myself in a conundrum. And that conundrum is the conflict between a piece of media’s quality and ease of consumption in my eyes. Some of our favourite works are so easily consumable you could just sit down and experience them whenever, however, whatever one’s mood. But others, no matter how much we know we’ll enjoy them when we actually get around to watching/playing/reading/listening to them, seem like such a slog to reach. This is the concept I’d like to explore here.

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In Defence of Jak II’s Haven City

Through reading various reviews of what has been my favourite video game for most of my life, it appears that the overwhelming consensus is that even those who like Jak II like it only despite the hub world, Haven City. I’ve seen it criticised for the sheer amount of time the player spends in it, the supposed lifelessness of the city, and the repetitive boredom of driving through it again and again. However, as someone who has spent a frankly disturbing amount of time playing this game throughout my life, I want to present and defend an alternative opinion.

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What Does it Mean to be “Average”?

So I’ve recently had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing Final Fantasy II, which everyone says is garbage, and Haikyuu Season 1, which everyone says is great. I have found personally that these are two perfect examples of the 5/10 ‘average’ rating, but for entirely different, rather interesting reasons.

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So I’ve been playing through Final Fantasy 9, and discovering oh so much about the wonderful Trance mechanic. An extension of the Desperation Attack and Limit Break System, I see its implementation in 9 as an absolute step backwards. However, as I see it, there’s no avoiding it. Read More

Expanded Favourite Video Games

Although I got my 3×3 together, I did so with little fanfare and explanation, and despite the apparent point of a 3×3 being to analyse the tastes of the one who made it, I don’t see the point without also giving an appropriate explanation. After all, people like things with different reasons, and just a list of games doesn’t give one much to go on when analysing favourites. I pretty much neglect negatives entirely here, but this isn’t a fair review to recommend these to anyone (Though why you would expect an unbiased review when such a thing has never existed is beyond me). This is based purely on the selfish and positive ways I engage with these games, so expect nothing but gushing. Also, I’m not here to repeat what’s already been said. A lot of these reasons I share with better writers than me, so if I don’t have much new to say, expect short opinions. Also also, I intend to analyse each of these in various ways in the future, so this is just a light explanation of why I like each one. Read More