Game of Thrones Has Become Carnival Phantasm

Carnival Phantasm is a show that takes well-known Tsukihime, Fate/, and other Nasuverse characters that we know and love, and puts them into humorous situations together that we’d never see in canon. It allows completely bizarre interactions and funny takes on well-known situations, taking place in a spin-off so as not to encroach on the original stories, and overall, it’s pretty great. Sound irrelevant to Game of Thrones? Let me explain.

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A Rant About Jaime Lannister, and Why He’s Indicative of Game of Thrones’ Problems

Game of Thrones had absolutely gone to… if not crap, then abject mediocrity. Gone is the masterful adaptation of the novels of the first four seasons, successfully taking the well-realised characters and strong themes and embellishing them with immersive acting, costume work, and set design. We are left instead with the trainwreck of Season 5, and the barely redeemable 6 & 7. I find that Jaime Lannister, my favourite Song of Ice and Fire character, is symbolic of the show’s faults in interesting ways.

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Arrowverse: The List

Now that the 2017 round of the DC CW shows is over and I’ve had time to digest, I say it’s high time make my personal ranking of every Arrowverse season we’ve had since Arrow Season 1. I’ve been watching these week by week since Flash Season 1, and I feel enough time has passed, and I’ve seen most seasons enough, that I can make my current  definitive ranking. A problem I’ve found is that while each individual show has numerous lists online, there have been less of the universe as a whole, and the Arrowverse’s interconnectedness means that a full list is needed.

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