What Does it Mean to be “Average”?

So I’ve recently had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing Final Fantasy II, which everyone says is garbage, and Haikyuu Season 1, which everyone says is great. I have found personally that these are two perfect examples of the 5/10 ‘average’ rating, but for entirely different, rather interesting reasons.

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Arrowverse: The List

Now that the 2017 round of the DC CW shows is over and I’ve had time to digest, I say it’s high time make my personal ranking of every Arrowverse season we’ve had since Arrow Season 1. I’ve been watching these week by week since Flash Season 1, and I feel enough time has passed, and I’ve seen most seasons enough, that I can make my current  definitive ranking. A problem I’ve found is that while each individual show has numerous lists online, there have been less of the universe as a whole, and the Arrowverse’s interconnectedness means that a full list is needed.

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Casshern Sins’ Biggest Flaw

Casshern Sins is one of my absolute favourite shows, but its biggest flaw is one I’ve devoted a lot of time thinking about: The fact that Casshern Sins is two very different shows, divided cleanly into the series’ two halves. What’s also interesting is how little this comparatively massive flaw harms my enjoyment.

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Sentimental Sentences: Correctness and Rightness in Unlimited Blade Works

Immortal words uttered by the oh-so-divisive Shirou Emiya. Right up there with “People die when they are killed”, it’s a line that I have often seen presented as evidence for the Fate/Stay night’s lack of quality, and particularly, bad writing.

These lines are dumb. They are dumb because Shirou is dumb. And he is. So the Unlimited Blade Works Blu-Ray subs deigned to fix it. Read More


So I’ve been playing through Final Fantasy 9, and discovering oh so much about the wonderful Trance mechanic. An extension of the Desperation Attack and Limit Break System, I see its implementation in 9 as an absolute step backwards. However, as I see it, there’s no avoiding it. Read More