Five Nights at Satoshi Kon’s: Conclusion

Well, friends, it’s been an interesting five nights, and all thanks to our host, Mr Satoshi Kon. Read More


Five Nights at Satoshi Kon’s: Tokyo Godfathers

I was quite apprehensiveexcited for this one. Apprehensive: I was unwilling to watch another film in the vein of Millennium Actress, in that it merely did the thing¬†the other thing did again, while adding minor points that, while important, didn’t save the sameness of the film overall. Excited: I was definitely aware that this was the film that differed in tone and subject matter, and was certainly looking forward to a film that would apply Kon’s skills to something different, yet perfectly conducive to comedy through the detail of his art. So I was absolutely on board with the film, despite a fear of burning out on Kon’s style.¬† Read More