Five Nights at Satoshi Kon’s: Millennium Actress

“Tomorrow night”

Two weeks later.

10/10, would exams again

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Five Nights at Satoshi Kon’s: An Introduction

Long ago, in the land before time, there existed a man… A myth… A legend…

His name was Mamoru Oshii, and I made it a quest to watch his films, valiantly blogging my thoughts, and seeing how I would receive each film or series. Subtly but not so subtly ripping off Digibro’s 8 Nights of Kara no Kyoukai, I pressed on…

Until I realised that he was far too prolific for my free time, and made it Satoshi Kon instead.

Since this was a project, I decided to get it out of the way in Christmas. For those who haven’t seen 8 Nights of  Kara no Kyoukai, it was Digi watching one film a night, and discussing how each film connected with him, and why. Slightly too esoteric for my taste, but it’s what I’m attempting to emulate here.

Although I was intending to write each post immediately after I watched each film, that didn’t happen, but I’ll be trying to write as if I had just seen each anime. I started this on the 26th, and watched Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, and Paprika, one a day. I did the same with Kara no Kyoukai before and during this, but that’ll be one post as a general reflection, as there’s too much in that series to do one post per film.

So then, let it begin.

Expanded Favourite Video Games

Although I got my 3×3 together, I did so with little fanfare and explanation, and despite the apparent point of a 3×3 being to analyse the tastes of the one who made it, I don’t see the point without also giving an appropriate explanation. After all, people like things with different reasons, and just a list of games doesn’t give one much to go on when analysing favourites. I pretty much neglect negatives entirely here, but this isn’t a fair review to recommend these to anyone (Though why you would expect an unbiased review when such a thing has never existed is beyond me). This is based purely on the selfish and positive ways I engage with these games, so expect nothing but gushing. Also, I’m not here to repeat what’s already been said. A lot of these reasons I share with better writers than me, so if I don’t have much new to say, expect short opinions. Also also, I intend to analyse each of these in various ways in the future, so this is just a light explanation of why I like each one. Read More